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Becky, and her sister Hayley, have created a series of educational art posters that help seasonal eaters and foragers know what is likely to be in season and let avid food growers know what to sow during different times of the year in the UK.

In the process of selling these posters, they strive to spread the joy of seasonality and low-impact eating whilst raising money for community projects supported by Give Two Figs.

By purchasing these posters on this website, our Etsy page, at in-person fayres, or in select stockists around Norwich including Ernie’s Zero Waste Store, you’re helping to support this valuable community work. 

The seasonal charts are printed in Norfolk on 100% recycled card whilst being carbon balanced and certified by the world land trust. The packaging used is plastic free and largely made of post-consumer waste.

Please note we only sell to the United Kingdom.

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