Supporting individuals, families, and communities
in learning to grow their own food

Give Two Figs aims to:

Introduce and support individuals and families along the incredible journey of growing your own food and all of the wonderful benefits that come with it.

Improve and promote understanding of natural growing practices, on various scales.

And importantly link out to other sustainable growing sites and organisations. 

About Us

Give Two Figs was set up in Summer 2020 by Becky Rolf as a way of raising funds from the sales of our seasonal growing and harvesting calendars that she and her sister Hayley make, to support very small scale local grow your own projects within their village in Norfolk.

The first of these projects being a small community allotment plot, and the second being a public community kitchen garden at Hevingham Village Hall.

It is hoped that in time Give Two Figs will be able to establish and support many more similar sites. 


Our Calendars & Projects

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give two figs project garden

VIEW OUR projects

We are a not-for-profit company that reinvests all of its money back into its aims to:

Connect people to nature and our environment, in order to aid appreciation and understanding of the benefits of ecological stewardship and reducing our environmental footprints.

Assist communities to gain the many benefits that nature, and caring for nature, provides to our health and wellbeing.

Enhance access to local growing spaces, and to provide skills & support for individuals, families and communities to grow their own produce as naturally as possible.

Until the company is fully self-sufficient from its calendar sales, Give Two Figs has been honoured to receive various grant funds to help start the two Hevingham Projects.

Visit the projects page to see what grant funding has been received.

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