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Give Two Figs is passionate about providing spaces for people to connect to nature, understand how to garden and grow sustainably, learn how to look after the natural systems that support life, share their knowledge with others, and in doing so, see the benefits of this connection.

There are a number of ways to get involved:

Activity Sessions:

Help us maintain the outdoor community spaces and learn during one of our monthly activity days held on the second Sunday of every month from March to October 10-11am.

Weekly volunteering days:

Come along to one of our weekly volunteering sessions every Wednesday from March to October. Pop in any time between 10am-12pm and stay for as long as you wish. Even if it’s just for a natter!

Rent a raised bed:

Dip your toes into the growing world by renting a raised bed on the Philipo Herbert Community Allotment in Hevingham.

Work away day:

Support the garden on a voluntary work away day. The garden can host groups of up to 15 people for a range of helpful activities.

Share your ideas:

Simply share your thoughts and ideas to help us grow these community spaces.

Support our shop:

By purchasing our products, you’ll be directly supporting all our community projects and helping spread the word about what we do. ALL profits go into supporting our projects and other local projects in order to fulfil our mission.


We cannot accept monetary donations but will gladly accept donations of plants, tools, or other items that can be repurposed in the garden.

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Support our business development:

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Give Two Figs is a not-for-profit organisation that raises money to support its projects through product sales and, temporarily, via grant funds for the initial start-up. Although we are very grateful for the grant funds we have been awarded so far, we realise there is a growing demand for funding from organisations trying to bridge the gap of ever-increasing disparities in the world we live in. We don’t want to rely on grant funds if we don’t have to, and self-funding is a much more sustainable strategy if we are able to do it. From 2024 onwards, we hope to be fully self-funded. If you can offer any business development advice, we would wholeheartedly welcome your insight.

Visit the garden:

Relax, be inspired, enjoy, and harvest seasonal soft fruits and herbs.

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